Stefan Dätwyler

Creative Director, Partner
Wirz Group

Stefan Dätwyler worked as an art director at various advertising agencies such as Advico Young & Rubicam until 1998. He then moved into interactive media as Creative Director at Pixelpark in Berlin, the hotspot of the Internet scene at the time, for which he later set up the creation in Basel and Zurich. In 2000, he and two partners founded the Internet and later also dialog agency Assai Dialog & Digital AG. Today he is Creative Director "Art" and a member of the management board of Wirz Activation.

Stefan Dätwyler lives on Lake Zurich and, as often as his job allows, can be found surfing at the windiest and waveiest spots.

Stefan Dätwyler


Wirz Group AG
Uetlibergstrasse 134b
8045 Zürich

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