Petra Dreyfus

Co-CEO, Senior Partner & Co-Owner
Wirz Group

Petra Dreyfus joined Wirz in 2005 as Consulting Group Leader and has been a member of the Executive Board as Managing Director since October 2008. Since April 1, 2017, she has been leading the agency as Co-CEO together with Livio Dainese. Prior to that, she worked for over 10 years in various agencies and even earlier on the client side. As a business economist and communications manager, she is an examination expert for various federal communications examinations and sits on the advisory board of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Petra Dreyfus is a Basel native and spends as much time as possible with her family and friends. She prefers swinging a tennis racket to a wooden spoon and can even forget about advertising while reading a good book.

Petra Dreyfus


Wirz Group AG
Uetlibergstrasse 134b
8045 Zürich

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