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Simple, reliable, fast, cool. Our new umbrella campaign in collaboration with Webrepublic makes it clear that yallo has more to offer than just cheap mobile subscriptions.

The Sunrise-UPC brand yallo has developed into a full-service provider that leaves nothing to be desired with mobile, Internet and TV. In the general perception, however, yallo is still primarily associated with "cheap mobile subscriptions". The new umbrella campaign, which was created in collaboration mode BoB - Best of Both - from idea development and media strategy to technical implementation, is now changing that. Because yallo is still cheap, but also much more than that.

For this purpose, we have created the long-term communicative platform "yallo is more". The corresponding multichannel campaign is just as direct and straightforward as the motto. It is loud, colorful and shows with a certain lightness what yallo has to offer.


At the center are a TV spot and a series of online films that not only illustrate yallo's entire range of services, but also describe the brand experience with a slight wink. The films are flanked by various OOH and print subjects, display ads, and social media measures, which in turn proclaim that yallo is simply more.

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