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The new awareness campaign for the Vespa GTS awakens spring fever and whets the appetite for "La Dolce Vespa" just in time for the change in weather.

In the fall of 2022 Vespa launched its new GTS models and started their promotion in Switzerland in the spring. In order to increase awareness of the new Vespa GTS models among the urban and predominantly male target group, a campaign was needed that would awaken spring fever and whet the appetite for "La Dolce Vespa".

The Vespa GTS is quite objectively an outstanding product with great technical features. However, the "fascination Vespa" lives less from Newton meters and fuel consumption, but above all from the unique feeling it inspires- La Dolce Vespa!

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The creative assets designed and realized by WIRZ therefore demonstrate both the technical and the emotional components of the Vespa GTS. Befitting social media and display ads, they do this quickly, surprisingly and with a good pinch of humour.

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