The green and white answer to the January slump.


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The new campaign for Migros' low-price range relies on the familiarity of M-Budget's iconic green and white design.

After the costly festive season, many people find themselves with a hole in their wallet in January. The new campaign from Migros and WIRZ shows that there is a fairly simple answer to this: the affordable M-Budget products.

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The campaign starts with an attention-grabbing teaser phase with (D)OOH subjects featuring only the word "January hole" in the familiar green and white M-Budget design. No logo or product images are used here. After all, nothing in Switzerland says "low price" as much as the green and white branding of M-Budget - the connection to the inexpensive brand is automatically made in the mind of the viewer.

In order not to leave everything to people's associations, the concrete resolution follows in a second phase: "Time for cheap". The campaign slogan and some of the most popular products from the iconic low-price range provide the answer to the financial bottleneck at the start of the year.

The campaign will run until the end of January and can be seen on megaposters, (D)OOH, ads, bumpers and displays. The campaign will also be flanked by influencer activation and social media measures.

The campaign can now be seen throughout Switzerland.

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