The fourth children’s book featuring Gian and Giachen


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The fourth children’s book from Graubünden continues the bestselling series: the spring adventure of the ibexes completes the cycle of the four seasons and marks the launch of this year’s family-focused campaign for the Alpine canton. The colourful tales are accompanied by the interactive Children’s World and several audiobooks.

Spring is coming to Graubünden. As they do each year, Gian and Giachen gather with the other mountain animals to hold the grand spring-cleaning competition. The winner is guaranteed a place on the much-desired Goldwiesli meadow. As you would expect, the ibexes give the competition their all. During the completion of the various tasks, it becomes clear that everything is possible with fair play and team spirit.

The illustrations by Amélie Jackowski once more spirit young readers away to the fantastical mountain world of Graubünden.

On the interactive Children’s World platform, families can explore further the settings of this children’s book. The animated illustrations from the book playfully highlight the wide variety of family promotions.

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