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This Christmas, Migros is making dreams come true. Who better to help with this than the charming elf Finn? After winning over millions of hearts in 2017, he returns in 2023.

This week, a first teaser film has already caused speculation in the Migros community. Now we know for sure: Migros and WIRZ are bringing back Finn the elf. His first two films went viral and touched millions of people around the world. After that, the gnome went quiet. Nevertheless, fans are still asking for another Christmas story with Finn. This wish is now being granted.

"At Christmas, we don't just want to tell a nice story, we want to remind people how important it is to be there for each other," says Giovanna Colucci, Senior Project Manager at Migros. "And that's what we're doing this year with the little elf Finn, who does everything he can to fulfill a little girl's dream."

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"In the story, the empathetic Finn immediately recognizes that the girl's seemingly small wish means the whole world to her. And immediately shows that anyone really can make a big difference in the lives of their fellow human beings - even a little gnome," explains Lorenz Clormann, Executive Creative Director at WIRZ.

This year's campaign motto is "Let's make dreams come true". On the Christmas platform - created in collaboration with the agency MUTABOR - you can nominate people from your own environment for whom you would like to fulfill a dream together with Migros. For example, a long-awaited trip, new furniture for the children's room, cultural events and much more. Migros checks the suggestions and then makes as many dreams come true as possible.

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Finn not only plays the leading role in the TV and online film, but also appears in other channels. Six short online films with Finn take viewers into Migros' Christmas world on the Christmas hub and whet their appetite for Christmas. Finn underlines Migros' product range expertise in specially produced DOOHs. On social media and TikTok, the Migros gnome provides extra content to create a Christmassy atmosphere and lots of jö moments during the Advent season. And, of course, the elf can also be found on POP and on display ads.

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"With Finn, we have a strong, emotional character with which we can combine image and product range expertise on all channels in an excellent way," explains Nuria Grab, Senior Project Manager at Migros.

The campaign can now be seen throughout Switzerland.

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