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A house full of stories with the retailer in the middle of everyday life.

Migros communicates its messages and themes under the communicative guiding principle "Simply live well". Everyday stories around the residents of an apartment building located next to a Migros branch form the core of the designed communication concept.

Switzerland's best-known retailer has always been guided by one mission: to make life a little better for people every day. Ever since Gottlieb Duttweiler set out with his first sales carts in 1925, this has been Migros' DNA. It often accompanies its customers throughout their lives and enriches their everyday lives. This includes the best assortment at the best price, being close to the people and creating something new for the benefit of its customers.

Migros right in the middle

The refined communication platform "Einfach gut leben" (Simply live well) reflects Migros' core idea, which has always been valid, and at the same time picks up on the trendy theme of "convenience first". "Migros is close to the hearts of so many people and enjoys an incredible emotional status. It is much more than just a retailer. Every day, we work to make our customers' everyday lives a little easier in so many ways," says Nadine Hess, Head of Marketing Communications.

A house full of stories

The new story format shows how the residents of an apartment building experience the smaller and larger challenges of everyday life - and how Migros helps them to master them. The house and its residents and the Migros branch right next door are the stage for observations from life. Little stories in which we recognize ourselves. Livio Dainese emphasizes: "Everything that concerns Switzerland can take place here. Migros is back with the people and understands their concerns and needs. It helps them to simply live well."

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Migros in a new dress

Wirz is also in the lead for the complete redesign of the new brand identity and the new offer communication. The new brand language of Migros is visually reduced and never says more than it has to. The headlines are short, fresh, humorous and carry the central idea in their simplicity. A clear, authentic visual language with a focus on the essential is rounded off by the large typography and thus ensures a strong and independent visual appearance. The solution is also formally always in the M, in the overarching M-stage on which all product and brand communication takes place.

"Einfach gut leben" positions Migros in the middle of life and in the everyday lives of its customers. In addition, a common thread makes it easier for people to recognize Migros communication with all its messages and to perceive it as consistent and differentiating. The new Migros communication launched throughout Switzerland on September 27, 2020.

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