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WIRZ has developed an image campaign for Roche in Switzerland that introduces the Swiss to the healthcare company with its focus on research and innovation. The campaign follows the central idea "Roche. Researches for your life.

The TV commercials emotionally stage the drive of Roche employees: they are committed to research and science so that we can all spend more time with the people we love. With a strong focus on patients and more than 125 years of history, Roche is a leading biotechnology company worldwide and follows the purpose "Doing now what patients need next.

At the heart of the campaign are two TV commercials that use everyday situations to show how newly developed medicines or even tests can be used to diagnose diseases. "With the spots, we wanted to make it clear that despite the serious topic, there is also a lot of hope involved, for example through a quick diagnosis and the right treatment," explains Caspar Heuss, Executive Creative Director at WIRZ and responsible for the campaign.

The TV spots are flanked by online advertising and social media measures.

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