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We've spent far too much time indoors over the past few months. So it's high time to finally get outside again. That's why this year Migros is sending Switzerland to where the summer is at its best and offering everything to make it unforgettable.

With stories from everyday life, Migros spreads the infectious outdoor summer feeling that we all need so badly right now. We see the couple Mauri and Stefan on their RV adventure on a road trip through Switzerland and experience the Bachmann family camping (spoiler: father Jean can only half-heartedly convince his family to go camping).

If you now feel like writing your own outdoor summer story, get inspired by suitable products, recipes and activities on the content hub

Out to the Migros Hiking Sounds

If you've never been able to decide between a summer of hiking and a summer of concerts, you don't have to anymore. Because this summer, Switzerland awaits Hiking Sounds: spread over several days in July and August, hikers can experience Swiss music greats like Lo & Leduc, Dodo or Anna Rossinelli along the way. The film with Beat and his daughter Lea promotes the musical outdoor experience and the exclusive ticket raffle.

EM 2021: Georges Bregy repeats his legendary free kick.

Georges Bregy is to Switzerland what David Backham is to England: a free kick god. Just in time for the football festival, Bregy repeats his historic dream free kick from the opening game against the USA in 1994. In the EM spot of the campaign, the residents* arrange to play together in a park. The avoidably weaker team relies on another unknown player - and he causes a big surprise.

During the European Championship, the Sommer-Hub is also all about football. Migros offers inspiration for ball games, ideas for football aperitifs and much more. Everything you need for this can of course be found at Migros.

Hopp Schwiiz!

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