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Wirz Brand Relations has further developed the brand identity for the Swiss market leader ifolor. The new image focuses on the joy of life and how life's most beautiful moments can be captured forever.


ifolor operates in a highly competitive market. Customers expect high-quality photo products and services at reasonable prices. Many suppliers are active in the market, wooing customers with promotions.

To strengthen its position as market leader, ifolor has commissioned Wirz Brand Relations to revise and refresh its brand image. The brand refresh is intended to present the brand even more consistently and effectively at the touchpoints and to strengthen the emotional bond with the customers.


Most suppliers place their photo products at the centre of their communication. In doing so, they focus primarily on promotions and discounts and less on quality. As a result, the presentations are very similar and the offers seem interchangeable.

By sharpening its brand positioning, ifolor is taking a different approach: The focus is on the emotional experience combined with clear quality standards. With its high-quality photo products, ifolor enables its customers to share the most beautiful experiences in their lives and relive them over and over again.

From this we have derived the guiding idea for the brand identity and brand communication: "The best remains" as a focused condensation of the core promise. The central idea expresses both the promise made to customers and ifolor's expectations of itself and the quality and longevity of its products.



Building on the positioning and the defined core values of "simple, competent and inspiring", a contemporary brand identity has been created that places joie de vivre at the heart of communication. The visually defining elements of the new appearance include the strong and large-scale use of colours, modern photography and the slightly revised - but easily recognisable - logo, which supports the positive and lively brand perception. In addition to the brand design, the brand rebrush also includes the development of a catchy audio branding, as well as a new linguistic mission statement.


In order to actively strengthen the brand's profile, we developed a new brand campaign based on the guiding idea "The best remains": The children's birthday, the holiday trip, the wedding - the best moments in life are usually over far too quickly. The campaign starts here and inspires customers with likeable and personally told stories to make more out of their pictures than just filling the mobile phone memory and the data cloud. The centrepiece is the new brand film with six emotional stories about moments in life that you want to capture forever. Each one ends with a charming punchline and is set to tactful music.

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The website underwent a comprehensive relaunch in an agile process. A step-by-step implementation ensured that customers could easily find their way around the new environment. To mark ifolor's 60th anniversary, a microsite was added to the website to give customers an understanding of the history of the traditional Swiss company.
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