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With the Mission High Dry, four Bündnerfleisch producers dared a culinary experiment: will Bündnerfleisch be even better if it is dried even higher than in the Bündner mountains?

Now we know: Stratosphere Bündnerfleisch tastes more intense and salty than the original. With over 41 million earned reach and more than 7000 interactions within three weeks, pictures of Bündnerfleisch as well as information about the elaborate production process reached far more audience than expected.

Unusual scenes in Parpan, GR, on September 13: cheers, the sound of alphorns and flag-waving bid farewell to a helium balloon with Bündnerfleisch on board. Two hours later, the "Mocka One" reaches its highest point in the stratosphere, 38,000 meters above Graubünden.

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From the stratosphere directly to the plate

The Bündnerfleisch is recovered by mountain climbers on the Kistenpass, about 40 km as the crow flies from Parpan. After recovery, the meat is tasted by the mission crew - the four Bündnerfleisch producers Jörg Brügger, Fredy Gurtner, Ludwig Hatecke and Anselm Sialm. Their verdict: the meat is a lot darker, drier and saltier than the original, but definitely enjoyable.

Bündnerfleisch live - also on German television

Fabio Nay from Graubünden hosted the live stream, via which around 10,000 people followed the stratospheric journey. While 20 Minuten showed the 50-minute live stream on their platform, media representatives from RTL Aktuell and Blick TV were on site to report live on the events in Parpan.

The announcement in a launch video inspired by a space mission already generated media interest. National and regional media devoted various articles to the mission. And in France, too, the crew and their experiment were honored in an extensive feature on BFM TV.

A stage for even more content

"Our Bündnerfleisch has been a talking point - mission accomplished. But not only that, we were also able to show the patience and passion of the Bündnerfleisch producers for their daily craft," says Gieri Spescha, Managing Director of Marke Graubünden.

The mission served primarily as a stage for the culinary specialty. The accompanying content about the elaborate production process and the beautiful food pictures with recipes and serving tips were thus presented to a large audience.

Mission High Dry was commissioned by the Bündner Fleischfabrikanten association and the Graubünden brand.

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