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Regardless of whether it is a mortgage, a business loan, an investment solution or personal financial planning – many people hesitate to contact a bank to discuss their financial affairs and concerns. Migros Bank is putting an end to this: it has asked its clients to provide their unvarnished and honest questions and thoughts concerning financial matters and life, and then used the responses in its communication, also without prettifying anything.

In today’s world, a universal bank can no longer stand out from the competition solely on the basis of its products. This is why Migros Bank is now returning to its most essential strength: the personal touch.

Friendly since ever.

This is the new campaign claim that blazes a trail to the new positioning. It indicates how Migros Bank will communicate at all levels going forward: simply, honestly and true to everyday life. The aim of the campaign is to reach people at different stages in their lives. To do so, it poses questions that clients ask themselves during their daily routines – literally: by conducting surveys and a pretest phase, Migros Bank was able to ascertain the questions that occupy people at different stages in their lives. The campaign videos go one step further: here we hear what many people think but never dare to ask. This creates a recognition factor – and the necessary trust for clients to turn to Migros Bank with their concerns.

Client advisers at Migros Bank provide initial answers to the questions from the campaign on the bank’s website, as do content formats developed by Wirz and posted on Migros Bank’s social-media channels.

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