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Take it patgific: The new campaign for Graubünden vacations shows how you can golf even more relaxed in the most relaxed canton in the world.

Everyone who has ever held a golf club knows: Golf is a matter of the head. The more relaxed you are on the course, the smoother your game will run. For this reason, Graubünden golfers have an almost unfair advantage over everyone else. Because their relaxed way of taking everything in life patgific - that is, leisurely - means that Graubünden has the right mindset for a successful game of golf. This is demonstrated by the tongue-in-cheek campaign for Graubünden Ferien, which makes it clear that the mountain canton is also a very attractive golf region. Since the thematic focus is otherwise mostly on hiking, biking and winter sports, few people are aware that Graubünden also has the highest density of golf courses in Switzerland.

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The campaign sets itself the (not entirely serious) goal of teaching the "Unterländer" how they can golf just as relaxed as the people of Graubünden. To this end, they give a series of tips on how to take it quite patgific on the course, so that stress, pulse and handicap go down. The most important tip is, of course, to pack your golf gear immediately and come to Graubünden. Because then you are immediately relaxed anyway.

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The campaign includes a series of online videos as well as story, social media, display and print ads with various channel-specific golf tips. All measures link to the landing page, where people can find further tips and find out more about the golf canton of Graubünden and the 11 Graubünden golf clubs and book their golf vacations straight away. The campaign is designed to run for several years and will be expanded in 2024 with new subjects and a larger campaign - but more is not yet revealed.

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