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With "Gian und Giachen und das Munggamaitli Madlaina", Wirz and Graubünden Ferien whet the appetite for the diverse family experiences in the largest canton in the world.

With "Gian und Giachen und das Munggamaitli Madlaina" (Gian and Giachen and the Munggamaitli Madlaina), Wirz and Graubünden Ferien are whetting the appetite for the diverse family experiences in the largest canton in the world. The sales launch of the children's book is accompanied by the platform Kinderwelt, which has a new autumn look and offers family activities, lectures and a web app.

In Graubünden, the larches are turning golden yellow. It's getting to be autumn, and the ibexes Gian and Giachen are doing what they do every year: wishing all the animals a good night as they prepare for hibernation. But when they arrive at the Mungg family, two sad parents are waiting for them. The reason: the Munggamaitli Madlaina has run away because she didn't want to go to bed. Gian and Giachen promise that they will find Madlaina. Will they succeed?

The autumn book was designed by the illustrator Amélie Jackowski and is again published in German, English and Romansh.

A children's book as a vacation planner

With the children's book, Graubünden wants to inspire families about the diversity of experiences in Graubünden. "The children's book is set in a wide variety of places in Graubünden and brings both children and parents closer to our spectacular nature. So it's also a charming vacation planner," says Martin Vincenz, CEO of Graubünden Ferien.

The children's book world of Gian and Giachen is digitally transformed into a platform for family vacations - with specific offers, events such as lectures, and a web app with which children can playfully discover the original locations from the books in real nature.

Family events with Gian and Giachen

The two Graubünden natives who have lent their voices to the ibexes in the TV commercials for years - comedian Claudio Zuccolini and singer Sergio Greco - appear publicly as Gian and Giachen for readings of the story. Thus, many family events will also take place during the campaign.

The children's book "Gian und Giachen und das Munggamaitli Madlaina" is now available in stores and at erhältlich.

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