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Migros has been consistently committed to supporting associations in Switzerland for years. In 2024, it will once again be the cultural associations that will have their greatest wishes fulfilled. WIRZ is accompanying this with an integrated campaign that resonates with the idea that culture is not elitist, but deeply rooted in our everyday lives.

Dancing, creating, making music, taking photographs, keeping traditions alive and much more: Switzerland's cultural associations enrich people's lives in many different ways. Migros supports them under the motto "Support Culture" with a funding pot totaling CHF 6 million. And it is also rewarding customers with a prize draw for the club vouchers they receive when shopping at Migros.

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Culture staged close to everyday life

The promotion is being advertised with three new films for TV, cinema and online - conceived by WIRZ and produced by Rocket Film with director Malte Goy. The films break down barriers in an entertaining way by showing that cultural activities such as dancing, spraying or pantomime also have their place in everyday life. The established Migros acting cast also had to step out of their comfort zone a little for this, as the humor is not conveyed through dialogue for once, but purely through acting - a challenge that was ultimately mastered with flying colours. Various online and offline measures complete the communication mix, with the defining key visual as the unifying element.

More for the clubs is always also "More for Switzerland"

Migros' generous commitment to associations is now an integral part of Migros' marketing plan. "Our clubs, that's pure Switzerland. Just like Migros itself, which as a cooperative is 100% anchored in our country - so this support simply makes sense," says Laura Geerts, Project Manager at Migros. The fact that over 5,500 clubs have taken part in the campaign in recent years and have been allocated around 22 million club vouchers by customers is impressive proof of the popularity of this promotion among the Swiss population.

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