Deutsche Telekom: digital GenZ product causes a stir in the German market.


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The process began with a business challenge: How does Deutsche Telekom grow in the youth market with its millions of customers? WIRZ met the challenge with an interdisciplinary project team and, in close collaboration with the customer, consistently pursued an integrated approach, from analysis to product idea and development to the design of the user experience and the campaign. The result is now going live: "GÖNN," the digital subscription that offers more than just low rates.

An elusive target group, a narrow time horizon, ambitious goals, and all this in Europe's largest telco market: flexibility and quick decisions on both sides were required here from the very beginning. The collaboration between the agency in Zurich and the client in Bonn was correspondingly intensive. And it made it possible that only nine months passed between winning the pitch and the product launch. An achievement that Christina Kiehl, Senior VP Customer Development & Digital Success at Deutsche Telekom, also appreciates: "WIRZ managed to get the maximum out of the project without complicated briefings and with an agile mindset. Besides the Swiss telco know-how, this is a USP of WIRZ."

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GenZ as a challenge

Marketing experts know only too well that the GenZ target group is anything but easy to grasp. It is contradictory, diverse, with a high need for security, but also with an urge for self-realization. However, one central insight emerged during the process: GenZ's status symbols are their experiences. This insight significantly shaped the product design.

Product with relevant differentiation factor

"GÖNN" can be summed up quite simply in a few words: "digital and more than just tariff" says Patrick Marscholl, Senior Manager and Project Manager of "GÖNN". The subscription can be upgraded and individualized with monthly deals and offers, brings a real experience factor. Starting with a 9-euro train ticket for all of Germany. "That's pure "GÖNN": an invitation that every user can turn into their own personal story according to their own gusto."

Interdisciplinary project team

Within the given Magenta world of Deutsche Telekom, the WIRZ team worked in close coordination with the customer along the entire value chain and developed not only the product but also the complete branding, design, user experience, interaction design and social media campaigns for "GÖNN". All of this at eye level with GenZ. Torsten Brodt, Senior VP Consumer Segment at Deutsche Telekom: "I am by far the oldest team member. WIRZ has positioned itself smartly here. But GenZ people have also contributed to success on our side."

Managing product development with communications know-how

Solving business problems instead of just communication problems: WIRZ has taken this claim to the top of its list. "And this case is once again a successful demonstration of this," says János Heé, Senior Partner Marketing & Innovation at WIRZ: "The earlier we are involved in a process, the more we can achieve with our expertise. Starting with the product idea, but already with a view to the rules of the game in communication - that's exactly how we like it."

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