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Switzerland Tourism's new commercial is a commercial about a commercial that will never exist. In the leading roles: Roger Federer and Robert De Niro.

Schweiz Tourismus shows an intimate conversation between two GOATs: Oscar winner Robert De Niro and tennis maestro Roger Federer. The story: Federer wants De Niro to star in his promotional film for Switzerland. De Niro refuses, because Switzerland may be lovely, impressive and fantastically beautiful, but there is neither danger nor drama here. Precisely those elements that are so central to De Niro's work.

But drama, in light of Covid, is what we want least of all at the moment - and so a film that was never realized turns out to be a charming and self-deprecating advertisement for Switzerland.

Roger's recommendations that could convince De Niro.

The collaboration between Schweiz Tourismus and Roger Federer will see further joint projects in the future. Already in operation is the website, where visitors can discover Roger's personal recommendations and highlights. The variety of experiences presented here is great and ranges from relaxing and restorative to exciting. Scrolling through the pictures, even Robert De Niro might change his mind. Asked about it, he says: "It excites me to discover the natural beauty of Switzerland soon - maybe together with Roger."

The campaign is being used around the world.

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