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We turn a salad-obsessed snail into the lovable face of the Migros fresh produce range. In this way, the competence of Migros to always have fresh and also regional fruit and vegetables on offer is sympathetically staged.

Migros' fresh produce assortment lives up to its name: The regionally grown fruits and vegetables reach the shelves immediately via short transport routes. This means that the products in the vegetable department are always crisp and juicy. To promote this unbeatably fresh selection, we are sending a proven freshness expert into the field: a little snail.

To kick off the campaign, the snail engages in a fierce race with a farmer. The farmer is one step ahead of the little heroine, but he takes heart and shows that freshness and respect for nature go hand in hand. A heartfelt story, but also an indication of Migros' commitment to the environment and nature - in keeping with its mission "Migros does more for Switzerland".

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The campaign can be seen throughout Switzerland from July. Over the course of the year, the stories surrounding the little snail will continue, at their own unhurried pace.

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