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"Shift" explores how digital technologies are already changing tomorrow's work, transport and entertainment.

Ozan Polat - think tank founder, comedian and digital jack-of-all-trades - takes viewers on a journey to experts and innovative Swiss players who are all shaping the digital transformation. So in the first episode "Never again monotonous work?" he tries wasabi arugula harvested by a robotic arm, discusses people's creative capital with a futurologist and falls in love with a little humanoid robot named Nau.

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Inspire instead of instruct

Around the web series, we created a visual identity, add-ons like an Instagram filter, and a landing page with more in-depth articles. A common thread runs through the storytelling, not only visually but also in terms of content: a modern and powerful network is the basis for being able to implement innovative ideas. "Shift" is a content platform that Swisscom can continue to build on in the future to get people excited about the digital possibilities: "We want to show people the opportunities of the networked world. With 'Shift' we can show what is already possible today thanks to intelligent networking and how this can improve our everyday lives. At the same time, the format offers space to address doubts and inhibitions," says Pascal Morgenthaler, Swisscom Storytelling & Content Marketing Communication.

Click here to go to the "Shift" landing page.

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