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How will we travel in future without harming our environment? Switzerland Tourism and Wirz answer this question with a series of travel reports and profiles that document sustainable travel and the individual’s pursuit of a better life, and show how to cause as little harm as possible to the social, environmental and economic world, while also benefiting personally.

Many tourism marketing organisations are increasingly positioning their countries around the theme of sustainability. But only a few countries can claim to be truly sustainable – Switzerland is one of them. It is one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world. This is where visitors can experience a high standard of sustainability during their holidays. And this standard has a name: Swisstainable.

But sustainability and tourism are often at odds with each other – travelling is synonymous with joy, emotion, anticipation, passion and relaxation. Sustainable travel, however, is often treated as a rational, almost analytical topic, which is firmly rooted in facts and appeals to people’s rational behaviour.

My Swisstainable Journey

This is why sustainable travel is a matter close to the heart of Switzerland Tourism. My Swisstainable Journey unleashes a counterculture to mass tourism without people having to give up the joy of holidays. The core idea behind the documentary format is to show and tell how a Swisstainable Journey can help to overcome personal challenges. As such, sustainable travel is turned into a personal experience in order to inspire as many travellers as possible to discover Switzerland in a new way.

“We want to show a new generation of travellers and tourism experts – we want to show better ways to travel and how this can maximise people’s well-being. We hope to inspire others to do the same,” says André Hefti, Chief Marketing Officer of Switzerland Tourism.


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