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Wirz Activation was commissioned by WWF Switzerland to redesign "WWF aktuell", a fundraising mailing sent regularly to donors and members.

There were two reasons for the redesign of this important dialog measure: First, new CD specifications of the WWF had to be processed. Secondly, the advertising material was to be staged in a more exciting, modern and clear way. The goal: The revised layout should perform better than the previous layout in terms of response rates.

Extensive redesign

In the course of the redesign, the content structure was improved and the different forms of reading flow were taken into account. Great emphasis was placed on the rapid acquisition of central facts. And, of course, the content is told in such a way that it triggers the highest possible willingness to donate.

Refreshing result

The new implementation makes it clear that even with strict adherence to the CD guidelines, it is possible to create a design that looks more attractive, tidier and better structured, while conveying the content quickly and easily.

All of the updated guidelines were laid down in a new design manual, so that WWF's internal departments can develop further editions of "WWF aktuell" autonomously.

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