WWF: Small acts, big impact

Climate change presents us with enormous challenges. These challenges sometimes seem so great that we run the risk of thinking we can't do anything about them on our own anyway. That's where WWF's campaign comes in.

15. June 2023

You don't have to be perfect to protect the climate. With this simple, yet encouraging message, WWF wants to remind people in Switzerland that even small actions make a valuable contribution to protecting the climate.

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The campaign designed by WIRZ is already entering its third round with four new subjects. The message remains short and clear: No one has to completely give up anything to help the climate. Fewer flights, eating less meat or generally consuming less already helps a lot. However, less is more does not always apply. What would also help the climate would be more political participation. One current example is the vote on the climate protection law on June 18. This is precisely what the campaign is promoting.

The other subjects can be seen as posters, DOOH, print ads, and social media posts with different seasonal focuses throughout the year.

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