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The new mobile game "Crystal Search with Madlaina" by Graubünden Ferien, WIRZ and Staay Interactive takes curious children on a playful and educational journey through the different regions of Graubünden.

16. June 2023

When Gian and Giachen accidentally knock the colourful rainbow crystal off the mountain top during a walk through Graubünden nature, only the Munggamaitli Madlaina can help. In the new mobile app from Graubünden Ferien, players take on the role of the cute marmot to bring back the crystal shards scattered all over Graubünden.

""Crystal Search with Madlaina" is an entertaining and educational further development of our existing digital children's world of Graubünden. And it tells a completely new and interactive story of the courageous Madlaina," explains Marc Held, Senior Marketing Manager at Graubünden Ferien. The game closes the gap between the very young fans of the bestselling children's books and the somewhat older fans of the two ibexes. It is intended to invite children to get to grips with Graubünden together with their parents and to discover the canton through play.

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Video öffnen

Thus, Graubünden Ferien and WIRZ are also relying entirely on the positive effects of "edutainment" in "Crystal Search with Madlaina". The game was designed in collaboration with the Zurich creative studio Staay Interactive especially for children and offers them a playful way to get to know Graubünden from home: In the game, the partner regions and their iconic sights can be explored in 4 richly detailed animated 2D levels. On the way to saving the rainbow, however, the players have to overcome numerous obstacles and dangers. Accordingly, it takes a lot of intuition to find all the hidden crystals and unlock the special achievements at the end of each level. If you also collect the magical animal and plant coins, you will also learn a lot of interesting facts about the local flora and fauna.

All players who get the urge to travel while playing can also win attractive prizes in the real Grisons by collecting gold nuggets within certain time periods.

"Crystal Quest with Madlaina" is now available free of charge in the App Store and on Google Play and is suitable for children aged 5 and over. The app launch is accompanied by a multi-stage online campaign.

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