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How do you find out everything about customers' preferences and needs in real time? And generate individualized offer communication via AI? We are pleased to announce the exclusive partnership with

28. June 2023

Through the collaboration with the startup specialized in AI, WIRZ customers now have access to an innovation in the field of automated and targeted content creation.

How does work?
From billions of data fragments on the web, the tool identifies relevant or critical topics in different markets, channels and target groups and develops up-to-date content from them - optimized for the target group and in the right tonality in images and text. The playout is «trigger-based»: If bad weather is forecast, the tool delivers the appropriate offer communication. Or when mortgage interest rates rise, the tool generates the appropriate social media post. János Heé, Senior Partner at WIRZ, puts it this way, «'s AI tool takes instant marketing to a new level. Or more specifically, if I'm a supermarket and I've bought too many bananas, the tool provides me with the ready-made Insta post to convince customers to buy bananas now.»

Impact for marketing departments of all companies

The benefits for companies are obvious: «Our tool provides insights into the preferences and needs of the clientele by combining social listening with generative AI,» elaborates Mark Seall, CEO of The new tool collects public data and combines it with company-specific information, such as the booking status of an event. It scans the topics of key social media tools and compares: what is the crowd doing? What is the competition doing? What is the target group doing? And what the GenZ?

In the next step, this data is processed into content. The trick here is that the tool learns constantly and thus adapts precisely to the needs of the company. Mark Seall: «Customers can introduce optimized suggestions into existing processes. That increases intelligence in any organization.» And saves marketing costs, internally and externally. Another advantage: « uses AI tools and models for content creation, but over which companies always retain full control,» says Seall.

WIRZ and are pleased to announce the exclusive partnership, providing joint customers with innovative access to AI-based instant marketing with Swiss origins.

Note: The image accompanying the announcement was of course generated with AI.

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