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Improving Swisscom’s visual identity

The WIRZ Design Lab has worked with Swisscom to upgrade the company’s visual imagery and create new design elements.

7. July 2021

Light enables us to get going. When light hits us, we feel ready. This is the basic idea behind the new overall concept "Graphic meets Light" developed for Swisscom. Reduced photo backdrops draw attention to the character and personality of the people portrayed in the picture. The brand colors are used in the image composition to match the time of day and round off the overall image.

In addition, the graphic brand elements were supplemented and further developed. Light and shadow are stylistic elements that extend from photography and moving images to the graphic elements. The focus of the concept is on light applications on colored surfaces. Light cones and shadows ensure that the concept is also recognizable in purely graphic implementations. Within the Swisscom color world, WIRZ created new matching backgrounds as well as a set of rules for their application.

The concept was developed over the last 12 months for use at all communication levels. The new assets will be implemented step by step.

The visual identity was developed by WIRZ's Design Lab. Under the direction of Artur Faria (Head of Design) and Lorenz Clormann (ECD Art), the existing design assets were analyzed and classic codes were broken down. The result was an innovative visual language that gives Swisscom even more independence and makes it ready for the future.

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