"Shift" brings our digital future into the now

This time, host Ozan Polat takes us on a quest for answers about the digital transformation in education and culture.

5. September 2021

The result: entertainment with a learning effect, presented in a target group-oriented way as a web series and editorial articles, as well as interactive Ozan Instagram stories and entertaining feed clips.

Digital innovations are emerging in education and culture in greater numbers than ever before. So in the new episodes of "Shift," tech junkie and comedian Ozan Polat discovers crypto-art, an AI podcaster, or hologram rap battles, and meets the immersive classroom, deepfakes, and a robo-piano teacher. The answers are as multifaceted as the content formats themselves.

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One topic, three questions, numerous implementations

So not only video episodes are created from one topic, but also social media posts, interactive Instagram stories with Ozan and informative articles for the Swisscom magazine. But that's not all: an episode consists of three sub-questions and becomes several short mini-episodes designed specifically for social media with different entry points in the feed. In addition to this further development of the content platform, "Shift" continues to rely on the unmistakable visual identity, the typical quick cuts and entertaining storytelling with clear takeaways for users.

With this variety of content and perspectives, "Shift" underscores the increasing importance of an advanced network that meets individual needs and contributes significantly to the development of our spheres of life.

"Shift" on education and culture can be seen and read on the landing page «Shift» as well as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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