With humor against overconfidence in snow sports

Every winter, around 34,000 workers sustain injuries from skiing and snowboarding. Suva’s new app and communication measures seek to prevent this.

13. December 2021

Accidents in recreational sports mean pain, restrictions, and inability to work for those affected. For insurers, this means annual costs of over 300 million Swiss francs.

Because more than 90% of accidents are self-inflicted, Suva is focusing on increasing information and awareness among snow sports enthusiasts. The "Slope Track" app developed for this purpose measures stress while skiing, raises awareness of relevant risk factors, and provides tips for improving physical performance and reducing stress.

It is promoted with a newly developed campaign in the typical Suva style of recent years. It shows protagonists who master tricky situations in snow sports only thanks to much more luck than brains or skill.

The central advertising medium is the 35-second TV spot, but the campaign plays a wide range of media: from various online clips, banners, and display ads to print advertising, social media activities, and articles in industry newsletters to chair-hanger advertising and digital playouts on public transport in the ski resorts.

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