Simple and secure: the Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Kartenanbieter launches its new website about credit cards

Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods in Switzerland. But many card users are not aware of everything their card has to offer. The Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Kartenanbieter (association of Swiss card issuers) and Wirz Brand Relations/Public Affairs have jointly launched a platform to share interesting facts about this versatile, economically important payment method.  

29. September 2021

The credit card has always been simple, convenient and secure. The Swiss Card Providers Association (ISK) wants to underline the other advantages of the credit card with its initiative to promote cashless payments. The new platform 'Die Kreditkarte' [], developed by the agency, informs consumers, retailers and media professionals about various topics related to paying with the versatile credit card.

Knowledge transfer at the core

"Unlike the previous campaign with the "Tony Card" character, which relied heavily on mass appeal, the focus is now on imparting knowledge. The pandemic has changed payment behavior worldwide as a result of the protective measures imposed - fundamentally in favor of cashless payments and toward e-commerce. The ISK initiative wants to use this momentum to create more knowledge and thus more trust in paying by credit card," says Christoph Caviezel, Director Public Affairs at Wirz Brand Relations.

Website as content hub

The core of the communication is the new website developed in a modern design. Here, visitors will find continuously updated and relevant content based on the expertise of experts. Roger Niederer, Chief Market Officer Merchant Services at Worldline and Chairman of the ISK, on the new orientation: "Retailers, the media and the general public receive in-depth information on consumer and payment behavior as well as technological developments. From contactless cards to wearables to biometric payment methods - as simple as consumers basically want payments to be, the options available to them today are just as diverse. 'The Credit Card' offers valuable tips on how to use their card safely and responsibly."

About the Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Kartenanbieter (ISK)

The Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Kartenanbieter (ISK) is committed to promoting cashless payment by credit card. There are currently around 7.9 million credit cards in use in Switzerland. Via domestic credit cards, Swiss retailers turned over 25.7 billion Swiss francs in 2020, which corresponds to around 7% of the final consumption of private households in Switzerland. The credit card industry has an important function as an intermediary between customers and providers of goods and services.

About Wirz Brand Relations / Public Affairs

Wirz Brand Relations is part of the Wirz Group and specializes in the development of brands and their diverse relationships. With a blend of many years of experience and common sense, the agency supports its clients in successfully positioning themselves and skillfully distinguishing themselves in a dynamic world full of opportunities. In doing so, Wirz Brand Relations relies on its own expertise as well as its partners within and outside the Wirz Group. With around 160 employees, WIRZ is the largest independent agency group in Switzerland.


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