Robin Schuler is now a federally certified polygraph!

Image editing, rich drawings, designs: After four years as an apprentice in the Production & Publishing department, Robin Schuler has mastered the craft of polygraphy. Congratulations, Robin, on completing your apprenticeship!

13. July 2023

The Wiesendang native also passed the vocational baccalaureate, which he completed in parallel, with a grade of 5.2. Wow! "It was stressful to do both degrees in parallel. But now I have both for sure. That's a good feeling," says Robin. But the fact that he just missed a grade of 5 on the final exam and "only" achieved a 4.9 is a bit upsetting for Robin: "I had a lot of support from Yussef, my teacher. I went through several old practical final exams with him for practice." The final apprenticeship exam consisted of three days of practical tasks, in which the apprentices had to demonstrate confident use of all Adobe programs, in addition to a written part in various subjects.

One day of BMS, one day a week of classes at the School of Design on Limmatplatz, three days on site at WIRZ: That's what Robin's daily routine looked like as an apprentice. From September, Robin will start with a "real" employment contract as a polygraph at WIRZ, but only temporarily. The next challenge is the RS, and Robin will start in January 2024. And what will happen then? "I'll see," smiles Robin, relaxed. "Something with design or more into image processing would certainly be cool. Or maybe something completely different?"

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