Major Gen Z campaign for Deutsche Telekom

Taking a holistic approach to solving business problems, rather than merely inventing communications solutions: this is the standard the Wirz Group holds itself to, as reflected in a project that the Swiss agency is delivering on behalf of Deutsche Telekom.

9. March 2023

Working in close collaboration with the client, WIRZ is developing a digital service for a young target audience completely from scratch – starting with the value proposition, through to the complete UX design and including the marketing.

The core briefing behind this project: to create an innovative digital telco product that not only lands with but also inspires the discerning younger target audience in the German market. WIRZ tackled this task with a project team comprising members from the Business Strategy, Marketing, Storytelling and Design departments. The dynamic within this interdisciplinary group ultimately saw them win out against tough competition from established international agencies. Torsten Brodt, SVP Consumer Segment at Deutsche Telekom: “We were immediately won over by the approach taken by the WIRZ team, in which they also got the target audience involved. And by the young team itself, of course, which largely consisted either of members of the target audience itself, or of those who had only recently left it behind.”

Challenge happily accepted.

Inventing a new telco product and launching it on Europe’s biggest market: this requires intensive, seamless collaboration between all stakeholders. Ever since the project received the green light, the agency in Zurich and the Deutsche Telekom project team in Bonn have been working flat-out together in co-creation mode. “Challenging and incredibly exciting,” is how János Heé, Senior Partner Marketing & Innovation at WIRZ, describes the task. “The earlier we are brought in to work on a process, the more we can bring our expertise to bear. And in this instance, we were on board right from the outset, when the product idea was being developed. To have the opportunity of making a real difference for a big-name client in the competitive German telco market – what more could you ask for?”

Updates on the project will follow in the coming months.

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