Live your best life in the NaturMetropole graubünden.

"Are you already living the best version of your life?" This is the question posed by our latest campaign, which promotes the canton of Graubünden as an attractive place to live under the generic term NaturMetropole.

11. September 2023

Graubünden has a challenge: Everyone knows that it's a great place to spend a vacation. But unfortunately, not everyone knows that the largest canton is also a good place to live and work. To solve this dilemma, we ask all non-Graubünden residents a simple but existential question: Are you already living the best version of your life? Or wouldn't daily life in Graubünden be much better after all?

In answer to this question, this year's campaign focuses on the diversity and exciting contrasts that the NaturMetropole graubünden has to offer. Because when you are shown the abundance of highly interesting jobs, the proximity to nature and the cultural diversity, you are quickly convinced about life in the largest canton.

"Graubünden offers real added value with its total package of attractive living space and professional fulfillment," says Gieri Specha, managing director of Marke graubünden.

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That is why a film forms the heart of the campaign, in which the protagonist from Graubünden shows the viewer at breakneck speed what life and work is like in the NaturMetropole. Whereby the Graubünden version would not only have "Schaffa im Grind", but also relaxation, nature, sports, culture and many friends.

The elaborately produced 35-second spot and two other short spots finally lead to the decisive, second question: So, why don't you actually live in Graubünden? Future residents of Graubünden can find out more about living and working in the mountain canton on the hub, where they can also search directly for vacancies.

The campaign can be seen immediately on TV and on various online channels and is designed to run for several years.

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