How to catch Gen Z?

Is Gen Z missing the big picture? Which target group insights do I need to know for my business? Which channels can I use authentically? How do I have to develop my products further in order to be relevant for this multi-faceted generation?

7. June 2023

GenZ is the most important target group of tomorrow. They are the first generation to grow up with the Internet. The digital natives have developed new needs, and it's important to know them and serve them precisely - regardless of the communication discipline, from employer branding to campaigning.

Our target group know-how is based on a multi-layered process including direct discourse with the target group and knowledge from various studies. We let you benefit from our knowledge to bring your company to the next level.

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We have already worked for these clients:

With Deutsche Telekom, we developed an app-based, completely digital Gen Z offering - starting with the value proposition and including the complete UX design and marketing.
-> Click here for the press release

Our campaign for the Youth Word of the Year - developed jointly with Gen Z for Gen Z - generated a lot of media coverage.
-> Click here for the Case Movie

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