Hitting the headlines with beer

The upcoming vote by the Migros cooperative members on the sale of alcohol is making waves in the Swiss media. This historic decision is being explored within the NZZ magazine and the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper, including mention of the “Oui” and “Non” beers developed by WIRZ.


30. March 2022

On 4 June, all Migros cooperatives will vote on the question of whether beer, wine and spirits should be offered at the previously alcohol-free retail spaces.

The communication approach alongside the controversial vote is also the subject of animated discussion in the media. Quote from the Tages-Anzeiger: “The retail merchant has commissioned one of the major Swiss advertising agencies, WIRZ, to launch various advertising campaigns across the country over the coming weeks. The main focus of these: a new beer.”

The idea developed by WIRZ is a head-turner. It goes beyond a conventional information campaign and is here to stay. After all, no matter how the vote ends, we’ll be able to toast at least one of the two malted beverages after 4 June.

Cheers, NZZ and Tagi!

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