Accidents at work spoil leisure time.

In its new prevention campaign, Suva is appealing to people to take personal responsibility to protect themselves from accidents at work. Only those who work safely can have fun with family or friends.

10. June 2024

Life is good as long as nothing happens. WIRZ developed and disseminated this message for Suva from 2016. Although the vital rules are very well known among employees thanks to several campaigns, they are not applied consistently. Statistically, 5,000 occupational accidents occur every week, 220 of which are serious. Although these are fewer accidents at work than in the past, there are still too many.

Motivating instead of moralizing

"It's easiest to get people excited about something if it benefits them and you don't lecture them. That's why this time we're focusing on the self-benefit of occupational health and safety,” says Matthias Fürst, Creative Director at WIRZ.

"Our message is as simple as it is important: accidents impair quality of life. Suva wants the opposite. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their lives,” adds Urs Schaad, Head of Marketing Communications at Suva.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a 30-second film. Online and on TV, it humorously shows how an accident at work can disrupt your private life.

In addition to the film, posters, digital out-of-homes and advertisements were also produced. Various social media measures were also used.

All advertising material leads to a landing page. A specially developed culture check, specific recommendations for action for employees, safety officers and managers as well as other tools are available there to improve health and safety in your own company.

The campaign will run throughout Switzerland in the national languages until July 7, 2024.

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