50th Wirz Cocktail: New ideas and a big crowd

Under the motto "The power of the new - why it's always worth tackling something new", Wirz invited guests to the 50th edition of its cocktail this year. Around 300 guests from companies, associations and the media came to the "Aura" in Zurich. The panelists, who have consistently tackled new things in life, spoke about their lives with curves and edges - and inspired some on the spot to make room for the new in a spontaneous yet lasting way.

16. November 2022

In Switzerland, the new would be approached rather secretly, daring something would not be rewarded - so began Wirz CEO Livio Dainese in his welcome to the anniversary cocktail: "In these difficult times, we should actually take bigger steps." Perhaps there was no need to "break with everything," continued co-managing director Petra Dreyfus: "We can create something new out of calm - also with our customers." At the same time, Wirz invited people to take a dare on site: Who was particularly brave and had the tattoo artist Luna Hauri, who was present, engrave the motif of their choice right on the stage?

Insights and insights

The panelists had given their lives a new direction through new ideas, but had "just not failed crashingly," according to Petra Dreyfus. An advertising filmmaker became a baker, a lawyer became president of a soccer club, and a journalist became a hotel manager - and a journalist again. Priska Amstutz, co-chief editor of the "Tagesanzeiger" ran a hotel in Flims and at some point decided against it. Her conclusion: it's always worth tackling something new, even if it doesn't go well. "Afterwards, you have a better basis for decision-making, and usually everything falls into place later like a puzzle." SRF presenter Mona Vetsch asked charming but unabashed questions, and Christian Aeby, a commercial filmmaker who was named Hamburg's best baker, reported that a business idea once cost him a lot of money, which he had to pay off over years with family and friends. After all, "I was very proud when I paid everyone off."

"The brain avoids boredom like the devil avoids holy water".

Brain researcher and book author Lutz Jäncke, also on the panel, spoke of the "thrill" we get from the dopamine the brain releases when we experience something new, and praised the great power of people: "the curiosity that drives us unconsciously," but also advised us to hold inward: "Often we are not even aware of our successes and changes. It's worth looking back on our lives."

Lawyer and former FC Basel president Bernhard Heusler echoed the sentiment, saying, "For me, it seems to be the greed for new things that drives us. Sometimes I admire people for their courage, but also for their lack of foresight."

During the evening, brain researcher Jäncke emphasized the importance of novelty well into old age: "Use it or lose it - the brain needs employment otherwise it atrophies." and advised staying active socially, mentally and athletically. Christian Aeby provided a fitting example, telling of his 80-something mother who learned to fly drones to save fawns in the field.


Between bar and tattoo couch

In fact, a line formed at the tattoo couch during the evening: Nicole Pongracz from SBB was the first volunteer. She had a small planet engraved between her fingers: "I've wanted to do that for a long time, but it never came to an appointment at the tattoo studio. Now I'm a little nervous, though." Other guests, only women, got a tattoo on their foot, wrist or arm. Wirzlerin Karin Lang (Managing Director) also showed courage to try something new with a tattoo dandelion on her wrist.

After a forced break of two years, the 50th Wirz Cocktail was characterized by a good mood and joyful reunions. Although the event has a long tradition, for some guests even "legendary", this one does not stop. "Joker cards" animated those present with tasks such as "Go sing karaoke", "Send someone a food parcel just like that" or "Just say yes for a day" to try something new - followed by the invitation to share the experience with the Wirz. At the latest then at the 51st Wirz Cocktail next year.


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