The great Graubünden sleepover.

The cosiest canton in the world is looking for the best late risers in Switzerland: Graubünden Ferien and WIRZ are organizing the first patgific championship and turning relaxation into a sport.

WIRZ: New Creative Business Partner of Allianz

The Wirz Group wins Allianz as a new client. The first results of this collaboration will be seen in fall 2024.

WIRZ: Bad golfers are good for nature in Graubünden.

WIRZ and Graubünden Ferien are launching an unusual fundraising campaign: golfers who demonstrably worsen their handicap are thus promoting biodiversity on Graubünden golf courses.

Accidents at work spoil leisure time.

In its new prevention campaign, Suva is appealing to people to take personal responsibility to protect themselves from accidents at work. Only those who work safely can have fun with family or friends.

BKW: Business tips from the installer.

More sustainable is also more economical. Under this motto, BKW is launching a B2B campaign with new secret recipes for business success.

Also good. Only cheaper.

In their new campaign, Migros and Wirz compare Migros products with their counterparts from brand manufacturers and draw a simple conclusion: Migros products are also good. Only cheaper.

Diverse subjects for the versatile Migros summer range

Migros has everything you need for the summer: everything for the barbecue, everything for the swimming pool, everything for the balcony and (almost) everything to quench your thirst. That's why this year's Migros summer campaign is once again all about the comprehensive range. In addition to the classics, there are once again many new products to discover.

New partners at WIRZ: strengthening the team for future growth

The renowned agency is pleased to announce the appointment of three new partners. This reaffirms its pioneering position as an independent and owner-managed player in the Swiss creative industry.

WIRZ accompanies communication for the UEFA Women's EURO 2025

Next year, the European Women's Football Championship will take place in Switzerland. WIRZ is to ensure sold-out stadiums.

One for the money, two for the show: WIRZ now in 2nd place in the creative ranking

At WIRZ, the NON-Bier-Deckeli popped - there was a new top position in the Swiss creative ranking to celebrate: WIRZ is now in second place among the top creative agencies, just behind the creative boutique Ruf Lanz.

BKW: Piles of snow for the Swiss-Ski athletes.

"We make living spaces worth living in" is BKW's current message. Under this motto, the internationally active company is also committed to greater sustainability in snow sports as a sponsor of Swiss-Ski.

Sustainability reporting: from "nice to have" to "must have"

Announce sustainability efforts? Of course! But what and how exactly?

Many large companies and SMEs are strongly motivated to present their efforts. This presents them with a complex and often new challenge. An offer from WIRZ helps interested companies to communicate their sustainability reporting in a creative and well-founded way.

Why so serious? Laughing and playing is also good for business

Laughing your head off at a stupid joke until the tears run. Developing a new team spirit while playing or letting yourself go completely in an activity - we can learn this from children. And us grown-ups? We talk smart and sometimes forget the laughter, the playfulness and the fun of life - even though all of this helps us to develop new ideas together and make progress in our working lives.

Brand work shows effect: The center succeeds on election Sunday

Strong brands also have an impact in politics. This was impressively seen last weekend in the national elections.

Live your best life in the NaturMetropole graubünden.

"Are you already living the best version of your life?" This is the question posed by our latest campaign, which promotes the canton of Graubünden as an attractive place to live under the generic term NaturMetropole.

Deutsche Telekom: digital GenZ product causes a stir in the German market.

The process began with a business challenge: How does Deutsche Telekom grow in the youth market, which has millions of customers?

A look behind the scenes: Our consulting

In its summer series, the industry portal "Persönlich" put the spotlight on people from the media, advertising and marketing whose work is otherwise little visible to the public. One of them was Simone Jehle, Managing Director.

Robin Schuler is now a federally certified polygraph!

Image editing, rich drawings, designs: After four years as an apprentice in the Production & Publishing department, Robin Schuler has mastered the craft of polygraphy. Congratulations, Robin, on completing your apprenticeship!

Migros and WIRZ make snail a testimonial

Regionally grown fruit and vegetables, short transport routes: this is how Migros wants to keep the products in the vegetable department fresh at all times. And now it is communicating this with a testimonial that should also like it: a little snail.

Take it patgific: WIRZ and Graubünden Holiday attract golfers

With a new campaign by WIRZ, Graubünden Ferien shows that the mountain canton is not only suitable for hiking, biking and winter sports. It also has the highest density of golf courses in Switzerland.

AI revolutionizes instant marketing

How do you find out everything about customers' preferences and needs in real time? And generate individualized offer communication via AI? We are pleased to announce the exclusive partnership with

WIRZ: Playfully discover Graubünden

The new mobile game "Crystal Search with Madlaina" by Graubünden Ferien, WIRZ and Staay Interactive takes curious children on a playful and educational journey through the different regions of Graubünden.

WWF: Small acts, big impact

Climate change presents us with enormous challenges. These challenges sometimes seem so great that we run the risk of thinking we can't do anything about them on our own anyway. That's where WWF's campaign comes in.

How to catch Gen Z?

Is Gen Z missing the big picture?

Rhaetian Railway: 50 years of the Bernina Express

Since 1973, the Bernina Express has transported around 10 million passengers. WIRZ has now launched a year-round campaign and its own landing page to celebrate.

WIRZ expands management team.

WIRZ, the largest owner-managed marketing and communications agency in Switzerland, is promoting five employees to senior partners and entrusting them with additional management tasks. This completes the agency's internal restructuring process.

"Migros does more for Switzerland"

WIRZ sums up the positioning of the orange giant in a strong claim: Migros does more for Switzerland. Because the retailer has been socially, ecologically and economically committed to everyone in Switzerland since day one. The catchy claim and the accompanying campaign communicate Migros' multifaceted commitment to the outside world - and make the brand DNA tangible for everyone.

Major Gen Z campaign for Deutsche Telekom

Taking a holistic approach to solving business problems, rather than merely inventing communications solutions: this is the standard the Wirz Group holds itself to, as reflected in a project that the Swiss agency is delivering on behalf of Deutsche Telekom.

Christmas is coming!

Actually, we had placed the Christmas card project at the top of the Tasks list since January.

Wirz Switzerland: Searching for talent with the poster trailer

WIRZ, one of the largest Swiss full-service agencies based in Zurich, is desperately looking for new creative talent.

Migros Christmas campaign 2022: thought up by children.

A celebration full of miracles: This year's Migros Christmas campaign was penned by children.

Graubünden mountain air sommelier inspires guests and press

The mountain villages of Graubünden urgently need more guests. The main attraction should be the original nature.

50th Wirz Cocktail: New ideas and a big crowd

Under the motto "The power of the new - why it's always worth tackling something new", Wirz invited guests to the 50th edition of its cocktail this year. Around 300 guests from companies, associations and the media came to the "Aura" in Zurich. The panelists, who have consistently tackled new things in life, spoke about their lives with curves and edges - and inspired some on the spot to make room for the new in a spontaneous yet lasting way.

The Grisons ibexes Gian and Giachen also speak in the future

The "graubünden brand" and the Wirz Group will continue to work together in the future. Following the successful implementation of the brand campaign in recent years, the Graubünden government has now awarded an annual cantonal contribution of CHF 1 million for the years 2023 to 2026.

Migros and WIRZ learners organize Youth Language Day

On October 25, the Youth Word of the Year was published. Cause for Migros to celebrate youth language in the Limmatplatz branch. Migros and WIRZ apprentices developed a concept together and implemented it creatively with new store announcements in youth languages and specially created POP signs.

Wirz Group continues to expand strategy and consulting - Kathrin Jesse moves up in the BBDO universe

The Wirz Group continues to expand its strategic expertise: With Alex Herrmann and Ruben Wegmann, two proven experts in brand strategy and digital consulting join the Wirz Group.

Sustainability Workshop

How do I communicate my sustainable efforts credibly and seriously? What do I want to communicate in the first place and who am I addressing? Are you already doing something, but it's not really working? Or are you afraid of greenwashing?

New locations in the mountains and in Berlin

New perspectives create new ideas: Starting in November, we will provide our employees with new work and living locations in the idyllic Swiss mountains and the lively German capital.

Silver and bronze for WIRZ in dialogue marketing

Last Thursday, the Swiss Dialogue Marketing Association (SDV) staged its Award Show to pay tribute to the best work in dialogue marketing.

The best Cumulus credit card ever.

To make customers aware of the new Cumulus credit card and its many benefits, WIRZ worked with Migros and Migros Bank to launch a large-scale campaign with several phases.

Karin Lang becomes the first Managing Director of the restructured Wirz Group

With Karin Lang, an absolute top appointment takes charge of Client Services at the Wirz Group.

Three new partners for WIRZ

WIRZ again appoints three employees as partners of the Group as of April 2022.

Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer are no match for Switzerland.

Following the major success of “No Drama”, one of the world’s 10 most successful commercials of 2021, Switzerland Tourism has excelled itself again.

Migros Bank: friendly since ever

Regardless of whether it is a mortgage, a business loan, an investment solution or personal financial planning – many people hesitate to contact a bank to discuss their financial affairs and concerns.

Bronze and Audience Award for WIRZ at the Best of Swiss Web Award

Every spring, the Best of Swiss Web Award pays tribute to outstanding works commissioned by or created for Swiss companies in which the use of web technologies plays a major role.

Work or leisure? In Graubünden, you can have both.

Many highly qualified workers value being able to choose their own working hours, and that’s something employers in Graubünden are more than open to.

Quicker shopping quickly communicated.

Migros grants customers the ability to scan items with their own mobile phones and pay directly. WIRZ quickly gets to the heart of the matter in the communication with a bold visual reduction.

Harmony is brought to the table with the Migros beer.

Drinking democracy: As part of the Migros ballot vote on the sale of alcohol, WIRZ worked with Migros to develop a new product for the retail merchant – the Migros beer.

With Urban Connect, WIRZ is expanding global electromobility.

The interdisciplinary thinking and working approach employed by WIRZ impressed the fast-growing start-up Urban Connect.

Hitting the headlines with beer

The upcoming vote by the Migros cooperative members on the sale of alcohol is making waves in the Swiss media.

Migros: Easter is a matter of taste

Within the context of this year's Easter campaign, WIRZ presents the variety of the Migros product range with various Easter nests and stories from Migros stores.  

WIRZ solves business issues with the power of creativity.

Over the last few years, WIRZ has reinvented itself, consistently focused on one goal: we solve business issues with the power of creativity, and thereby achieve growth.

The fourth children’s book featuring Gian and Giachen

The spring adventure of the ibexes completes the cycle of the four seasons and marks the launch of this year’s family-focused campaign for Graubünden. The latest book in the bestselling series is accompanied by the interactive Children’s World platform – which offers animated illustrations from the book that entertain and playfully highlight the various family promotions – and several audiobooks.

yallo is more

For our latest umbrella campaign in partnership with Webrepublic, we have launched the communicative platform “yallo is more” to show that yallo has more to offer than just affordable mobile subscriptions. The campaign is centred around a fast-paced, colourful, attention-grabbing television spot and a series of online videos that illustrate the entire range of services yallo offers.

Migros V-Love campaign

Right on time for Veganuary, the nationwide campaign for V-Love, Migros’s own brand of plant-based products, is back. Once again, it features pithy statements that defy food categories and rules in an intelligent, light-hearted manner.

Kantonsspital Winterthur: signalling progress

With the opening of its spacious new building, the Kantonsspital Winterthur has taken a significant step in the continuous advancement of the hospital and its medical services. The simultaneous launch of its new logo signals progress and modernisation.

Suva winter sports campaign

Every winter, around 34,000 workers sustain injuries from skiing and snowboarding. Suva’s new app and communication measures seek to prevent this.

Best of Migipedia

Original, appealing advertising materials designed in accordance with current best practices and an extraordinarily successful online campaign.


Engadin residents offset their guests’ carbon footprints


Hospitality for sustainability – the holiday destinations of Engadin, Scuol and Zernez are offering a groundbreaking new service: locals offset holidaymakers’ carbon emissions. When a guest uses their hotel sauna, for instance, the Famos family turns their heating down.

Edi Awards 2021

On top of its four shortlist nominations, WIRZ wins one silver and one gold in the 2021 Edi Awards.

Migros Christmas 2021

A little hero to remind us of our humanity

The lovable delivery drone Robin brings us closer together at Christmas.

Switzerland Tourism Marketing Excellence Awards 2021

Switzerland Tourism’s YouTube hit “No Drama”, produced in partnership with Wirz Communications, breaks all records.

WIRZ repositions its business and services

Seeking to support its clients more comprehensively across all marketing disciplines, the agency simultaneously condenses and expands its services.

Interpharma: research is human

Interpharma, the association of Switzerland’s research-based pharmaceutical industry, launches its national communication campaign under the banner “We keep researching”.

Simple and secure: the Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Kartenanbieter launches its new website about credit cards

Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods in Switzerland. But many card users are not aware of everything their card has to offer. The Interessengemeinschaft Schweizer Kartenanbieter (association of Swiss card issuers) and Wirz Brand Relations/Public Affairs have jointly launched a platform to share interesting facts about this versatile, economically important payment method.

The TCS receives the SDV DM Lifetime Award for its dialogue marketing

Swica: open to everything that keeps you healthy

WIRZ and Swica jointly advocate unconventional methods for leading a healthy life. Their nationwide campaign highlights what you can do to keep healthy. In it, the health insurance provider showcases its understanding of human nature and its keen sense of humour.


This time, host Ozan Polat takes us on a quest for answers about the digital transformation in education and culture.

Video tool edits and adapts advertising materials in real time

WIRZ’s innovative and dynamic video tool allows its users to create video ads easily, quickly and efficiently while editing individual elements in real time – without having to revise the entire spot manually. M-Budget Mobile is the first client to benefit from the new app.


A mental reminder of fair play in football

Every year, 45,000 injuries happen on Swiss football pitches. More than a third of them is caused by unfair conduct. This has prompted Suva to stage a preventive intervention. It is set in the same place where bad behaviour lives: the human mind.

Modernised, digitalised: Careum’s new brand appearance

Careum has been committed to improving the health and social care sector for 140 years. Wirz Brand Relations has reworked the brand appearance of the group, which includes three important training and professional-development institutions. You can experience their modernised look and feel on the recently launched group website,

Graubünden Bike

Bike stars compete in the “home of trails”

Following Danny MacAskill’s wild performance in 2018, he has sent five superstar bikers to the “home of trails” to challenge local hero Claudio Caluori. “Take Claudio to the Limit” is fast-paced storytelling for a target group that scours the social-media and editorial platforms for their next biking destination.

Public affairs? – Public Affairs!

Digitalisation and globalisation are transforming our society and raising major challenges for organisations in their wake. Many of them turn to public-affairs specialists who can help them meet the high transparency requirements of a mediatised society while positioning their own interests in a complex political system involving a large number of stakeholders.

New family memberships for the TCS

WIRZ Design Lab

Improving Swisscom’s visual identity

The WIRZ Design Lab has worked with Swisscom to upgrade the company’s visual imagery and create new design elements.

Barbara Dürst joins the SDV board


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