Minds in Motion Event

Psychological Safety: Game-Changer for an Innovative Corporate Culture


Daniela Landherr, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker will give us insight into a topic that makes our Employer Branding more successful and our companies even more attractive for talents: psychological Safety.

22. November 2023

We all know this from ourselves: When we feel safe and comfortable, we thrive - we are more creative, more engaged and more productive. That's the magic element of psychological Safety. It creates a work environment in which each individual finds the courage to take risks, to be genuine and open without fear of being criticized. What other advantages psychological Safety brings with it and how to implement it successfully in a company will be explained to us by Daniela Landherr in a gripping, inspiring way. But also, for example, how to transform a toxic work climate back into a thriving biotope.

About Daniela Landherr

Daniela Landherr is an executive coach for leaders, former "Head of Talent Engagement" at Google, earned a Master in Change from INSEAD and completed an Executive Leadership Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Outside of her own company, Daniela Landherr coaches executives pursuing the embaX at the universities of ETH and HSG and lectures at the EMBA in Digital Leadership at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft in Zurich.

Event Details and Registration

WIRZ and Witena

Date & Place:
11/22/2023, WIRZ "Townhall" Uetlibergstrasse 134b, 8045 Zurich, Switzerland

16.00 - 16.30 Arrival, 16.30 Start Key Note with aperitif and exchange from approx. 17.00

Daniela Landherr, Executive Coach and Lecturer at the Universities of St. Gallen (HSG) and ETH Zurich
Alex Herrmann, Managing Director Branding, Senior Partner WIRZ



Wirz Group AG
Uetlibergstrasse 134b
8045 Zürich

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