Find new solutions with agnostic creativity.

Agnostic creativity is our approach of choice. It describes an unbiased attitude towards every project. We analyse the brand, the market and the people to find the crux of the problem. With expert teams put together individually for each specific challenge, we develop interdisciplinary solutions. We have access to a pool of more than 400 specialists from a wide range of backgrounds: brand strategy, branding, data analysis, creation, business consulting, digital transformation and media.

It’s our focus on people that makes the difference.

You need to know your clients’ needs and wishes inside out if you want to make them come true. A plethora of tools, interview techniques and consumer deep dives helps us explore their motivation, behaviour and requirements. Based on in-depth expertise in all relevant areas, we develop an accurate plan of action that meets goals and excites people.

Connected teams, connected thinking.

Business and marketing topics are increasingly complex. The challenges inherent to them can only be overcome when interdisciplinary teams think together. We offer the right experts for any project, finding effective solutions with the combined force of their specialist expertise.


Business analysis

Find inspiration for optimising your existing or new services, business models or operating models. We moderate, oversee and implement innovation methods and processes.

Strategy workshop

Our innovative analysis allows us to capture and map the strategically relevant current and future state of an organisation quickly and efficiently. Based on that insight, we can set up the strategic development process extremely precisely and effectively.

Digital transformation

Do you have a comprehensive plan for the digital transformation of your company? Can you check its progress at any time? We will gladly help you through this organisational process and ensure that you do not miss any important aspects.

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Chief Strategy Officer

Florian Avdic

"We know our customers' customers very well, which helps us to understand the specific problems of a brand and to develop targeted solutions."


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