Creative campaigning.

Every communications agency develops campaigns. And they all have a lot to shout about: they focus on relevant, carefully analysed client requirements. They take all touchpoints into account, concentrate on the best of them, target them effectively based on relevant data and achieve measurable results using state-of-the-art technologies and possibilities.  

So do we, of course. But we also do things differently: we start by taking a big step back. We ask questions like: “What do we actually want to achieve? Why? What is the real problem? Can communication even solve it?” It is this unbiased approach that allows us to do all of the above just a little bit better. After all, a deeper foundation lets you build higher.


Creative content

Everything is content. But not all content is relevant or useful. Our team of journalists and social-media and PR specialists continuously analyses the social sensitivities of people and markets, from short-term issues to social megatrends. And they weave their insights into stories. Will your story be next?


Creative minds must not allow themselves to believe that they alone know it all. Our collective is our strength: we coordinate a wide range of skills and talents to achieve a specific goal. This includes our clients’ skills and talents, too. In addition, you get to run specific questions or problems past us in short, intensive workshops, deep dives or other clearly defined modules – so that we can solve them together. When we work for you, we work with you.

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Petra Dreyfus

"We are ready to dive into your world and find the solution to your business problem through Agnostic Creativity."


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