Competence Centre for Sustainability

How do we credibly and seriously communicate our sustainable efforts?

Before we ask ourselves the question, we need to start from the beginning to avoid greenwashing. Am I sustainable native or sustainable immigrant? Are my sustainability efforts sufficient? Which ones are differentiating and relevant to the target audience? What role does the issue play for internal and external stakeholders?

The WIRZ Competence Center for Sustainability helps you to position yourself in the field of sustainability and to communicate your sustainability topics.

As an effective tool, we have developed the WIRZ Sustainability Workshop in sparring with Prof. Dr. Johanna Gollnhofer from HSG (University of St. Gallen). In this three-hour workshop, we work out the status quo together step by step and identify goals and potentials. The output in the form of our canvas is the ideal starting point for all further steps. We draw on scientific studies, international best practice cases and, above all, the comprehensive know-how of our team of experts.

Interested? Marleen Diener is the right contact person for you.

Head of Strategy Consulting

Marleen Diener

«We help companies to position themselves in the area of ​​sustainability and to communicate their achievements credibly.»


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