Marketing Project Force

The Marketing Project Force is there for the methodical preparation and realisation of your measures, epics and projects. It ensures full implementation at all times. From the detailed determination of requirements to the development of the project framework along to the transfer to the development teams.

Requirements engineering

  • Goal-oriented and established requirements elicitation
  • Identified user/customer journeys
  • Formulated prioritised epics, features and user stories
  • Visualised storyboard
  • Prepared product backlog

Framework engineering

  • Analysis and recommendation of project strategies, frameworks and methods
  • Development of individual project frameworks
  • Formulated playbook with roles, artefacts and events
  • Configured project software and tools
  • Onboarding of all stakeholders and partners

Project management

  • Control and supervision of a project or epic
  • Support for program management and product owners
  • Agile role play such as Scrum Master or Product Owner in case of lack of resources or know-how
  • Full support of stakeholders and technology partners
  • Quality management, reviews, surveys and audits, control of project progress and compliance with tolerances
  • Documented applications
  • Trained users

Technical management

  • Technical supervision of epics, features, user stories and development work
  • Requirements review and redefinition for estimated, planable and releasable backlog items
  • Agile role play such as subject matter expert
  • Control and test of developer deliverables
  • Technically prepared templates
  • Configured software

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Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer

János Heé

"We see marketing as the engine of a company. In addition to communication, digitalisation, data insights, future growth areas, the product range and accordingly the value proposition play a central role."


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