Employer Branding

The path to successful and sustainable employer branding comprises three phases: From the analysis of the status quo of the employer brand, to a holistic employer branding strategy, to implementation.

1. Problem design:

The analysis of the status quo of your employer brand, the current market and the needs of employees:inside as well as your company, form the basis for the development of a successful and sustainable employer brand.


  • Brand and Market Analysis
  • Stakeholder Insights
  • Identification of needs

2. Solution design:

The employer branding strategy, which is aligned with the company's goals, forms the basis of a comprehensive brand experience. Based on marketing insights, we work with you to develop a long-term Employer Value Proposition (EVP).


  • Future Role Profiles
  • Persona development
  • Needs clustering
  • EVP development
  • Adaptation of the EVP

3. Delivery design:

The employer brand becomes a continuous experience at every touchpoint by aligning design, communication efforts, and channel strategy.


  • Employer Brand Design
  • Activation Strategy
  • Topic clusters
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Governance structure

We strongly believe that a pure "branding and campaign" approach is not enough to transform a company and that a structured change management approach is required to achieve the target state of employee retention in the long term.


  • Transformation-communication

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