Would you like to find out whether working with us is a good fit? Our bundles offer you attractive package deals that include workshops, strategic analyses or sub-projects. This gives you the chance to get to know us "on the job" and experience first-hand whether the chemistry is right for further projects.


Sustainability Communication

How do I communicate my sustainable efforts credibly and seriously? What do I want to communicate in the first place and who am I addressing? Are you already doing something, but it's not really working? Or are you afraid of greenwashing?

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Brand strategy

The brand strategy includes an analysis as well as a positioning of the brand. The analysis provides insights into the current situation of the brand and its environment, relevant trends, and developments as well as the need for action regarding brand development. The positioning describes the "what" (core services), the "how" (core values) and the "why" (core benefits) of the brand and defines its orientation for the future.

Marketing Strategy Workshop

With the Wirz strategy workshop, we work together with all stakeholders to develop the foundations for marketing and sales topics such as go-to-market planning for a new product or the development of a D2C (e-commerce) or multichannel strategy. Based on a business-oriented, customer-centric approach, the output of the workshop is a concrete action plan and initial insights into a growth or business plan.

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Transformation Communication

As a dynamic and innovative company, do you want to move with the times and adapt? Our team supports you in the sustainable transformation of your company or internal processes. With careful planning and conception, we ensure that the change processes are internally supported and convert into a complete success.


Employer Branding

In order for you to meet the competition for the "best talents" in a new way and to remain competitive, we develop systematic, creative and continuous employer branding strategies together with you. We sustainably focus on the employer brand, align organizational processes accordingly and make the employer brand tangible through creative measures along the entire employer journey.

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Brand identity

A brand identity consists of principles and a brand design. The positioning of the brand is translated into the perceptible and results in a creative central idea and its principles as the basis for the entire brand presence. The basic building blocks for the design of all brand touchpoints are formed and thus shape the brand experience visibly and tangibly.

Brand experience

Communication and management are important components for a brand experience. Communication brings the brand to life and ensures strong and sustainable relationships through consistent and coordinated use across all touchpoints. The management of the brand experience ensures the communication and control of the brand as well as the goal-oriented use of brand communication.

Marketing & Innovation


Corporate Affairs

Campaign Management

Are you planning a campaign? Our team will accompany you on the way to your successful campaign. With a holistic communication concept, we lay the foundation for a successful campaign. As a lead agency we plan, design and implement all communicative measures of your campaign. But we are also at home in all areas of PR and political communication.

Personal Coaching

As a leader, you are in the public spotlight. With a personalized coaching package, we help you to make a confident public appearance. Our personal coaching services range from ghostwriting speeches and presentations to media and communication coaching to crisis management and communication.


BoB – Best of Both

What happens when Webrepublic and WIRZ, two of Switzerland’s leading agencies, get together and combine their skills?


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