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Petra Dreyfus

WIRZ has changed. It no longer just creates campaigns, but solves business problems - with the power of creativity. In five questions, our co-CEO Petra Dreyfus reveals how she personally experienced the change and why she may even like to be contacted by clients during their vacations.

24. June 2022

A few months have passed since WIRZ's new direction. How have you experienced the process? 

It has been incredibly great - and this has carried me through the transformation, which has not always been easy - how openly the WIRZ employees have not only accepted the changes, but have actively worked on the new way of thinking. Our new mission, "We solve business problems with creativity," requires boundless thinking and interdisciplinary work. The necessary dissolution of the four different Wirz AGs was even longed for by many employees in order to promote more collaboration.

Today, after only 6 months, it already feels very normal and natural. But we want to work even closer and more seamlessly not only internally, but also with our customers. Because the same principle applies there as well. Using casting to define who from the WIRZ team but also from the customer's side represents the best team composition.

What do you consider to be the most important part of the WIRZ values?

Agnostic Creativity: The open-ended approach to a task. We search until we find the real core problem and only then work out the solution with the right team and with the same ambition.

An exchange with a customer that pleased you?

I remember a customer who wrote me a Whatsapp while I was on vacation: He really wanted to inform me that an internal presentation went great and that we can now continue working together. The message shows how closely we now work with our customers. We are in the same boat, burning and fighting together for new ideas and work. Winning together or losing together.

WIRZ in a Nutshell: how would you describe the agency in one sentence? 

A damn awesome anthill with the absolute best clients in Switzerland.

If you could start your career over again, would you choose advertising again? 

Absolutely. We create new things every day and work with all kinds of people. Is there a better job?

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