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A brand is much more than just a fancy logo. That much is already clear. But at WIRZ, we also make sure that brands become a holistic experience. Pascal Künzli from Brand Consulting explains in "Five questions and five answers" how this works and why the first idea often remains the best.

1. November 2022


What makes a strong brand for you?

A brand that is consistent and consistent. In what it says and how it acts. A brand that you feel connected to, but that also challenges and involves me. The contact with the brand should always be genuine and convey moods that I believe the brand. The better everything fits together, tuned to the moment and the context the stronger the brand becomes for me. That's why brands should never be thought of one-dimensionally. All factors come together. The overall experience counts.  

How do you go about creating a strong brand?  

The most important thing is to work out the essence of the brand. And not somewhere in the closet, but together with the stakeholders. Brand work is a workshop, is close to people, is a lot of discussion, conversation and, of course, also research and analysis. This leads to a common understanding and that is the beginning of a strong brand. Once the core of the brand is clear, it can be interpreted in different worlds: in language, in design, in communication, in corporate culture and even in the product range. And then we are back to consistency and coherence.

What is the most memorable experience of 2022 for you so far?  

For me, it's the small but beautiful moments. I remember a customer presentation at which we presented a new strategy: Decision-makers who had not been involved before attended the event. A classic agency presentation then turned into an open and very critical discussion about how we need to develop the brand further and what the consequences will be. Without fear of contact, simply direct and straightforward. A moment in which I forgot who was working in the agency or at the client. In the end, it was a huge added value and a super positive experience. That shows me again and again: the quality of the collaboration is enormously important in addition to the technical aspects.

 How do you apply WIRZ's "Agnostic Creativity" approach?  

For example: Sometimes the initial situation changes from one day to the next.  Then it often takes a completely new approach to solve a problem. And the exciting thing is that in the end we always find solutions. I find these moments, when change is absolutely necessary, very creative and productive. I try to train myself to think this way, even when everything is going according to plan.  

How many drafts does it take to create the perfect brand claim?

Sometimes too many ?. No, the best claims are often those that come very early. The longer it goes on, the more difficult or more cerebral it can get.  

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