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Alex Herrmann

How are employer branding and transformation related? How do you address Gen Z in the right way? What changes are shaping employer branding? We find answers to these questions with Alex Herrmann (Managing Director Branding) in "Asked & Listened".

30. September 2023

Employer branding is occupying more and more companies. Why is that?

Because the demand for talent and employees has increased steadily in recent years. And because the demands on employers and work have not only increased, but have changed fundamentally. Employer branding helps to remain capable of action and fit for the future. That's why it's practiced much more professionally and holistically today.

Which development has had the greatest impact on employer branding today?

Employer branding has grown up. In the beginning, everything was reduced to formulating an attractive EVP (Employer Value Proposition) and implementing an effective employer branding campaign. The focus was primarily on the front end of the employer journey - that is, attracting new employees by increasing awareness and attractiveness of the employer. What happened during or after the application process was not an issue for a long time. But if you want to be a strong employer brand, you have to go further - and think further. It's about building and maintaining relationships in the context of the overall company, competitors, and societal as well as technological changes. Not an easy undertaking.

What do you think makes for successful employer branding communication?

It meets the same criteria as any kind of good communication: It moves people - with the right content, in the right tone, at the right place. And it creates character by showing attitude and breaking away from uniformity and platitudes. Employer branding communication may be a "genre" of its own, but it still has to make itself heard and invite debate.

Are there differences in dealing with younger target groups, especially Generation Z?

As we know, every generation has its peculiarities. But there are also commonalities that occur regardless of age and should rather be understood as a phenomenon of the times. Here, it is important to take a closer look and act in a way that is appropriate to the target group. This is especially true for Generation Z: they are much more diverse and sensitive than other target groups. Accordingly, more tact is needed to reconcile values such as attitude, responsibility or authenticity with needs such as a sense of purpose, personal development or work-life balance. And to do so in such a way that you always stand out from your competitors.

How can employer branding help companies in their transformation?

If a company's image of the future has already been defined, employer branding helps to translate and concretize it for potential as well as existing employees. This not only creates clarity, but also provides relevant arguments so that the right candidates apply and the right employees remain loyal to the company. Good employer branding therefore accelerates the transformation.

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