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Barbara Dürst

In five questions, our Director Dialog Marketing, Barbara Dürst, shares her passion for dialog marketing and shows how she strikes a chord with creativity.

26. January 2023

What does dialog marketing mean to you?

One of the most exciting and diverse marketing communication tools. Dialog marketing has not lost its appeal even in the digital age. On the contrary. With the countless technical possibilities and the multitude of digital channels, there are new opportunities to initiate and continue a dialog with target persons and to contribute to an optimal customer experience. It also means exciting and new challenges every day and a lively exchange with our customers and in the team to find the best solutions. There is no such thing as boredom.

Is creativity needed in dialog marketing?

Yes. Creativity is and will undoubtedly remain an important factor in dialog marketing. We can only attract the attention of recipients with good ideas that are tailored to the target group and relevant messages. But that is not enough. Only the combination with other influences makes a dialog measure successful: the right target groups and segments, correct addresses, an attractive offer, the suitable medium, the action-triggering response options, and the optimal time of dispatch.

How do you link offline with online?

Within campaigns, through the use of various measures and instruments, depending on the objectives, channel suitability, and touchpoints within the respective customer journey. In addition, a large part of the response options in physical mailings is digital - since Corona, even the QR code has established itself as a response channel. Purely online dialog measures and campaigns rarely lead back to the offline world - apart from the fact that some try to bring customers into stores and stores with online measures.

How do you use technology?

Very different. Technology makes it possible to collect and analyze data and gain important insights from it. Insights from data are essential for cross- and omni-channel campaigns, for personalized and individualized communication, and above all for strategy and creation. Technology is also used in the automation of marketing activities. Especially in the area of customer loyalty, a strong shift towards marketing automation has been evident for several years.

What advantage do we have in dialog marketing today as opposed to in the past?

Dialog marketing has always been tech-driven. However, topics that dialog marketing used to stand for have now become a matter of course. Thanks to digital channels and their measurability, different measures can be compared. They enable marketers on the customer side and agencies to focus on the most effective and efficient channels.


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