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Nico Schläpfer

Since 1936, WIRZ has conceived, visualised, written and realised countless campaigns for a wide range of clients. Today, we are happy to rummage through the chest of the past and look at older and old work.

26. January 2023


Nico Schläpfer is a graphic designer and analyzes for us the popular damage sketches of the insurance company "Mobiliar", which WIRZ looked after and successfully developed for around 15 years. Nico himself designed around 250 of the humorous scenes.  

How did you come up with new ideas for damage sketches each time?

Often, the damage sketches were designed around predefined themes, which meant that one had to make use of easily understandable things that could be quickly associated with the theme. If one had certain approaches, the ideas often came automatically.

Why was humor used?

The topic of "insurance" is in itself a rather dry matter. It's a little easier to communicate with humor. It avoids a lecturing tone, which often has a deterrent effect on the viewer.

What has changed in the 15 years since Wirz Group designed the damage sketches?

The applications to all conceivable advertising media and channels, including the inclusion of the respective environment have changed. Ambient damage sketches, burned damage sketches, animated damage sketches, give-away damage sketches and so on - this did not exist in the first years.

How many sketches did you draw in total?

We always showed the customer many proposals, of which only a small part was then implemented. At a rough estimate, I drew around 250 sketches over a period of three years.

What is your favorite damage sketch and what is special about it?

I don't have a particular favorite sketch. But my favorites were mostly the ones we kept internally. There is a booklet with a collection of "evil" damage sketches, the Black Book.

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