We are an agency that can still be really happy when we make our clients happy and receive awards for it. And underneath the joy, there is also pride - in our work and our employees, who with their creativity and passion not only create excellent campaigns in the truest sense of the word, but also produce products and films that make people talk.

To date, we have won more than 210 ADC Awards, 3x Werber des Jahres and several Effies and Best of Swiss Web Awards. Here is an excerpt of the current awards (2023).

210+ ADC Awards
3x Advertiser of the Year
15+ Best of Swiss Web
19+ Effie Awards
1x ADC Grand Prix -> NON Bier
1x ADC Silver/Bronze in various categories for NON Beer and Xmas
1x Cannes Bronze in PR for NON Beer
1x 1x Gold – US International Awards - Online & Social Media «No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland!»

ADC*E 2023

Among the 43 winning projects honoured with the gold award in various categories is the Swiss project "Migros Beer" by WIRZ. WIRZ also won bronze for the "Migros Beer" and another bronze for the "Grand Tour of Switzerland".
Media release - "Switzerland wins a Gold Award"

Double Gold at the World Tourism Film Awards

We're delighted to announce that both our “No Drama” and “No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland” campaigns featuring Roger Federer, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway won first place in the Countries and Tourism Products categories.
Media release – "Double gold at the World Tourism Film Awards"

ADC Awards 2023

We received the extremely rarely awarded Grand Prix at the ADC Awards - in addition to the ADC Gold - for the creation of the beer that accompanied the Migros alcohol vote.
Media release - "We are bringing Cannes to Zurich a little bit"

Cannes Lions 2023

We also secured a prize in France with the Migros beer campaign "OUI/NON". We received the Bronze Lion in the PR category.
Watch the video - Cannes Lions 2023: WIRZ takes bronze

Best of Swiss Web 2023

Silver was awarded for the answer to all celebrity ice teas: the specially developed M-Budget "Tastea" from Migros. The success was not guaranteed by a rap star, but by the M-Budget community, which was able to participate directly in the product development.

Goldbach Crossmedia Award 2023

Silver for our product development of OUI or NON beer, which epitomises what the Migros cooperative members are voting for. Should Migros also sell alcoholic beverages in the future? No - and so the NON beer hit the shelves with great success and generated quite a bit of buzz in the newspaper jungle.

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2023

Gold went to the film produced by WIRZ for Switzerland Tourism featuring the unforgettable road trip of Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer: "No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland."

US International Awards 2023

We also won the Grand Award at the US International Awards 2023 with "No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland." We also won a gold award for online and social media in the "Tourism Product" category. The previous film "No Drama" with Robert de Niro and Roger Federer also won Gold, this time for the category "Country Promotion". The client was Switzerland Tourism.
Media release - Switzerland sweeps the board at the US International Awards

Marketing Excellence Award 2023

The Swiss marketing Oscar goes to...... Migros V-Love! For the introduction of the new own brand V-Love and a strong 360-degree mix of measures, Migros succeeded in reaching the top. And not only convinced the jury at the Swiss Marketing Day, but also received the audience award.

In the SME category, the Graubünden Ferien campaign with the likeable, talking goats Gian and Giachen also won one of the coveted awards.

All of this, of course, created, developed and implemented by WIRZ.


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